Welcome to Haydom Lutheran Hospital!

Our hospital is located in the North of Tanzania, around 300 km South-West of Arusha. In the Mbulu area we are the largest hospital, with more than 400 beds, serving around one million people in its direct catchment area and a population of 3 million for its secondary (referral) function.

On this website you can find all information about the hospital, how to donate, what to do if you want to work here, etc.

Karibu sana!


The Haydom Scientific Day committee wishes to invite interested individuals to present scientific work at our annual event expected to be held the week of 29 MAY 2017, at HAYDOM LUTHERAN HOSPITAL. For more information


Check out this important short clip about Haydom Lutheran Hospital: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1589512961/life-without-care-losing-haydom-hospital-tanzania/widget/video.html

Watch the full length movie (45 mins) about HLH that came out of the above featured kickstarter here: http://vimeo.com/64373112

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  1. I have completed watch the video that narrating the story about Haydom Hospital. It is amazing to hear story and life saving that this clinic or hospital has done over decades. I commend for your efforts and tireless work you all have done to assist the people in Haydom. I have a PhD in Public Health, specialized in epidemiology. I teach health sciences and health care management course works at South University, Columbia Campus in South Carolina. I would like to help the people in Haydom by providing to them lessons about Public Health. I can be reach at 803-553-4371.

  2. Hello!
    Have you ever thought of putting swahili version of what is happening in Haydom Hospital. You are doing tremendous job up there.

    1. Thanks Peter! That’s a good idea and I gather we have in fact been working on a Swahili version in the past, I’ll try to find out where that process is now.

      Regards, Jonas

  3. Dear HLH,
    I would like to ask if you deal with patients who are addicted to weed smoking.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

  4. I recall to the times when was working at HLH with the team of Dr Olsen back 1971, comparing to now there is a tremendous improved team work yo all doing. Becouse you continue to expect in the lord to prosper and not to weaken you. And to expect no weapon that shall form against .

    1. Thank you Paul! The team of staff at Haydom continue to do their best in the face of many challenges. It is nice to find such encouragement from you.
      Regards, Jonas

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