About HLH

Haydom Lutheran Hospital (HLH) is located in the Manyara region of Tanzania, 300 km from the closest city, Arusha. This is a rural part of the country, and the hospital is the only high standard hospital in the area. The immediate catchment area consists of 300.000 people, and the greater reference area includes 2.000.000 people. The hospital serves seven districts in four regions. Because of the limited Government Health Budget, and the subsequent shortage of drugs and equipment, Haydom has received many patients who could not be treated in government hospitals in these areas.

HLH works under the vision that the hospital should cater for the needs of the whole human being – physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.
We focus on reducing the burden of disease, poverty alleviation (this involves contributing to local development, construction of roads, bridges, schools, churches, water and agricultural projects), capacity building and to create good partnerships with other organizations who share the same vision and objectives.

The hospital now has 400 beds in several wards. You can read more about the hospital and the work we do here on these pages: