Things we need

A hospital like Haydom Lutheran Hospital is always in great need of materials, equipment etc.
Lots of medicins and small materials we can get easily in Tanzania. Most larger equipment we can not get here and is often not affordable for us. So we are very happy to get things that we need from outside, new or used.
When you want to donate something, it is always good (to avoid disappointment at both sides) to check first if we need the thing and also if we are able to maintain it. Some things that were donated we could not use after some time because we were not able to get it repaired or to get spare parts.

For bigger equipment especially from Norway we can arrange transportation, as we have regularly a sea-container coming from Stavanger to Tanzania.

Please contact if you have someting for us.

Items below are arranged from small (easy) to big (difficult):


For students, doctors or visitors that have some room left in their luggage, the following items we would be happy with:

  1. Respules for nebulisor containing Salbutamol (Ventolin) or Ipratropiumbromide (Atrovent).
  2. Spacers for inhalation medication
  3. BP machine
  4. Pulse-oxy meter
  5. Stethoscopes, old or new
  6. Used but not outdated books like Oxford book for any specialty, books for tropical medicine or drug reference books (like BMJ).
  7. Needles for finger prick (we don’t need canules).
  8. Needed drugs (can change). Drugs for treatment of M. Parkinson (like sinemet). Potassiumtablets. Lactulose. Nitroglycerine spray or injection.
  9. Big syringes (like 20, 30 or 50 mL), preferably with a small tip or those which you can use in a perfusor.
  10. Clinical thermometer
  11. Saturation meters

Bigger things we need:

  1. Chest tubes No. 12,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32
  2. Suction tubes No. 6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20
  3. Stiches/ sutures absorbable (No. 0,1,3.0  Round needle) /( 0.1,3.0 Cutting Needle)
  4. Colostomy bags and plaques
  5. 31cm Double pipe, atraumatic tip 3.5m tubing (Suction tubes used during Opr – medena poole/ rissler slit lip ref No. 68146).
  6. Drains different types
  7. Gastrostoma tubes feeding
  8. A O screw different size
  9. Rush pin, IM nails, wire cutter ,,Plaice
  10. Scissors different sizes -Small curve, -mayo, -Mc Indees,- Stitch scissors, Delivery scissors
  11. Born wax
  12. Gilgil wire.
  13. Strapping
  14. Kidneydish
  15. Sputum mak
  16. Ample catter
  17. Drum for gauze medium + small size
  18. Needle holder
  19. Medicine cups
  20. Chest draining  Gauge ,20,24,18.
  21. Syringe 60cc with needles
  22. Artery Forceps
  23. Gallports
  24. Thermometers
  25. Disposable plastic protection glasses
  26. Cord clamp
  27. Weighscales
  28. Disposable caps and mask
  29. Needle holders
  30. Surgical Scrubs

Very big things we need:

Oxygen concentrators
The hospital is always in need of oxygen concentrators. They are expensive to buy new, and used ones can still be very good.

For our ambulances we need ambulance brancards, like on the picture below or more simple ones

We also need for our new maternity, pediatric and neonatal ward:

– 7 oximeters large with electronics and stand
– 50 suture sets for deliveries
– 50 delivery sets

– 6 new delivery beds
– bronchoscopes for adults and children

– large autoclave for sterilization of IV fluids
– 3 blood pressure measuring machines
– 3 ear thermometers
– 20 reusable specula

So, if you can help us with any of these equipment, please contact expats(a)







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