Lena Ward food support programme

Haydom Lutheran Hospital would like to announce that a month ago the food support programme for poor and malnourished children at the paediatric ward has started.
The project is already successful implemented and received positive feedback from nurses, doctors and patients relatives alike.

Malnourished children have families who are incapable of providing the child with the appropriate food and care for financial reasons. The food support program will thus aim to reduce child mortality by providing three meals a day. These meals consist of a variation of local ingredients like porridge, rice and beans, vegetables and fruits that is prepared at the hospitals local canteen.

On average, ten children a week are admitted to the paediatric ward who suffer from acute malnutrition. For these children malnutrition is the main reason for bad health and slow growing and development. Even more important, malnutrition effects the immune response and thus increases the risk of acquiring infections. Infections like diarrhoea or respiratory tract infections are life threatening illnesses if the nutritional status of the child is not good. Malnourished children that are recovering from surgery are at risk to develop new complications and a slow recovery due to a lack of reserves. There is a direct relationship between malnourishment and mortality of children and we believe the food support program will help reduce infection, increase healing rate and increase survival. We are really grateful for the donation of Roa Church in Norway, who funded the first year of this program by contributing 60 000 NOK (8000 EUR) from their Christmas collection in support of the children. We hope to be able to continue to support the children in need at the hospital, and provide them with the care that they so desperately deserve.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved thus far in implementing the project and hope that we will all work together to strive for excellence in the future to come.

Nina Bakke, Haydom Lutheran Hospital, July 27 2012

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