New anaesthesia machines for Haydom

On June 10 2013 a great improvement was realised for the surgery department: 3 new anaesthesia machines arrived!
Professor Norbert de Bruijn from the US who worked as surgeon volunteer at the hospital from December 2012 until March 2013 realised that operating without the right equipment is nearly impossible so he initiated a fundraise project for these machines. Ingar Kvia from Norway, who helped the hospital already many times with fundraising activities for trucks etc., was involved and within just a few months he raised the whole amount for these machines.

The machines are Glostavent anaesthesia machines, produced in the UK and especially designed to be used in Africa. Which means: easy to use and simple maintenance.

On the picture you see sitting on the floor from left to right Johan Kristoffersen, one of the donors of the project, Robert Neighbours from Glostavent and Ingar Kvia.

A big THANK YOU for all persons that have contributed to this great achievement!

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